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Graduate Student Awards, Dissertations and Projects


Department of Biomedical Engineering

2020 BME Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award — Michael Dzuricky

  • Title: "Application of Repetitive Protiein Polypeptides with an Upper Critical Solution Temperature at Various Length Scales"
  • Advisor: Ashutosh Chilkoti

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

2020 MEMS Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award — Luis Navarro

  • Title: "Synthesis and Grafting-To of Biomimetic Bottlebrush Polymers"
  • Advisor: Stefan Zauscher

2020 MEMS Teaching and Mentoring Award — Betul Teymur

Department of Physics

2020 Daphne Chang Memorial Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis — Isabel Ruffin

  • Title: "Predicting Intrinsically Disordered Protein Conformations Using Polyampholyte Theory" 
  • Advisor: Michael Rubinstein


PhD Dissertations, Master's Theses and Projects

Department of Biomedical Engineering

PhD Dissertations

"Development of Genetically Encoded Zwitterionic Polypeptides for Drug Delivery" — Samagya Banskota

"Application of Repetitive Protein Polypeptides with an Upper Critical Solution Temperature at Various Length Scales" — Michael Dzuricky

"Achieving Dynamic Control over Cell Culture Hydrogels using Engineered Proteins" — Joshua Hammer


Department of Chemistry

PhD Dissertations

"Understanding the Structure and Formation of Protein Crystals Using Computer Simulation and Theory" — Irem Altan

"Molecular-Level Engineering of Stress-Responsive Materials" — Yangju Lin

"From Molecular to Macroscopic Mechanochemical Responses" — Yudi Zhang


Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Master of Science Theses

“Direct Mercury Analysis of Mercury Content in Imported Skin-lightening Products Obtained from Retailers in North Carolina and Michigan” — Zehao Jin

“Determination of Thiolated Silica Resin Total Mercury Binding Capacity, Affinity and Longevity” — Jieqi Liu


Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

PhD Dissertation

"Highly Efficient Wavefront Transformation with Acoustic Metasurfaces" — Junfei Li

Master of Science Thesis

"Resonance-Domain Diffractive Infrared Spectrometer" — Yang Deng


Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

PhD Dissertations

"Plasmon-Assisted Photothermal Catalysis" — Jena Barnes

"Transition Metal Chalcogenide (Cadmium Sulfide) Nanoparticles: (Bio)synthesisl Characterization and Photoelectrochemical Performance" — Yaying Feng

"Bursting of Volatile Sessile Drops Induced by Ambient Moisture" — Hongtao Guo

"Autonomous Symmetry Analysis and Structure of Prototyping for Materials Discovery" — David Hicks

"Synthesis and Grafting-To of Biomimetic Bottlebrush Polymers" — Luis Navarro

"Design of Biomaterials toward Endogenous Skeletal Tissue Repair" — Yuze Zeng

"First-Principals Studies of Electronic, Optical and Defect Properties of Photovoltaic Materials" — Tong Zhu

Master of Science Thesis

"Solution-Processed Thin Film Deposition and Characterization of Multinary Chalcogenides: Towards Highly Efficient Solar Devices — Betul Teymur


Department of Physics

PhD Dissertations

"An Experimental Study of the Jamming Phase Diagram for Two-dimensional Granular Materials" — Yiqiu Zhao

"Characterization and Mechanism of Rigidity in Columns of Star-Shaped Granular Particles" — Yuchen Zhao

"Manipulation of Nonlinear Optical Processes in Plasmonic Nanogap Cavities" — Qixin Shen


University Program in Materials Science & Engineering

Master of Science Projects

"Production and Characterization of Biomimetic Vibrissae for Tactile Sensory Systems" — Connor Turley

"Synthesis and Characterization of Injectible Bottlebrush Hydrogels" — Taylor Yeazel

"The Effect of Cathode Thickness Variation on the Performance of RIP-MAPLE Deposited PFO based PLED Devices" — Buang Zhang

"Building an Atomic-Level Model of Electrochemical Processes Using Cu(100) Surface as an Example" — Fan Zhang

"Computational Investigation of Defect-Resisteant I2-II-IV-X4 Semiconductor Materials" — Tianlin Wang

"Lightweight, Dexterous, Gas Permeable On-Skin Nanomesh for Radiative Human Body Heating" — Bowen Sun

"Development of Spectrally Selective, High-Temperature Pt/AIxOy Thin Film Solar Absorbers for Biofuel Reformation Systems" — Abigail (Abby) Mrvos

"Low-temperature Induced Phase Transformation in Layered Halide-Based Hybrid Perovskites: A New Approach to Modulate Rashba-Dresselhaus Splitting" — Yi Xie