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Beratan Wins Cozzarelli Prize

March 15, 2021

David Beratan, Duke University Department of Chemistry

Congratulations to David Beratan, the R.J. Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, and colleagues for winning the 2020 Cozzarelli Prize for Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The Cozzarelli Prize is awarded annually to six PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) articles, one for each of the six classes of the NAS. It honors former PNAS Editor-in-Chief Nicholas R. Cozzarelli and recognizes the work of researchers who share his uncompromising scientific standards, his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge, and his enthusiasm for an "upstream swim." Beratan and colleagues' paper is, "Universal free-energy landscape produces efficient and reversible electron bifurcation," and solves a 40-year bioenenergetics mystery.