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2020 Triangle Hard Matter Workshop

December 7-8

More than 300 attended the inaugural Triangle Hard Matter Workshop, hosted virtually by the Duke Materials Initiative.

The program had three tracks:

  • Energy Materials
  • Metamaterials
  • Quantum Materials

“Collaboration really is a core strength of DMI and Duke. And, the Triangle Hard Matter Workshop is another example of that strength."

Stefan Zauscher | director, Duke Materials Initiative


Sir John Pendry

Sir John Pendry

Imperial College of London
Plenary Speaker for Metamaterials

“Metamaterials That Travel Faster Than Light”

Mercouri Kanatzidis

Mercouri Kanatzidis

Northwestern University

Plenary Speaker for Energy Materials

"Solar Electricity from Metal Halides? Who would have thought …:Incredible Perovskites”

Rene Lopez

Rene Lopez

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

“Butterfly Scales and Nanostructures for Photovoltaics”

Brad Lokitz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Brad Lokitz

Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Center for Nanophase Materials Science

Mark Walters

Mark Walters

Director, Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility (SMiF) at Duke University

Duke Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility