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Viral packaging ATPases utilize a glutamate switch to couple ATPase activity and DNA translocation

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America | Apr 2021

Authors include: Gaurav Arya [doi]

A Triple-Mode Midinfrared Modulator for Radiative Heat Management of Objects with Various Emissivity

Nano Letters | Apr 2021

Authors include: Willie Padilla [doi]

Delocalization-Assisted Transport through Nucleic Acids in Molecular Junctions

Biochemistry | Apr 2021

Authors include: David Beratan [doi]

Automated coordination corrected enthalpies with AFLOW-CCE

Physical Review Materials | Apr 2021

Authors include: Stefano Curtarolo [doi]

Fabrication of Biomedical Scaffolds Using Biodegradable Polymers

Chemical Reviews | Apr 2021

Authors include: Matthew L. Becker and Ken Gall [doi]

Efficient and reversible electron bifurcation with either normal or inverted potentials at the bifurcating cofactor

Chem | Apr 2021

Authors include: David Beratan [doi]

Mechanically induced integrin ligation mediates intracellular calcium signaling with single pulsating cavitation bubbles

Theranostics | Apr 2021

Authors include: Brenton Hoffman [doi]

Lightning Initiation From Fast Negative Breakdown is Led by Positive Polarity Dominated Streamers

Geophysical Research Letters | Apr 2021

Authors include: Steven Cummer [doi]

Distribution of rare earth elements in fly ash derived from the combustion of Illinois Basin coals

Fuel | Apr 2021

Authors include: Helen Hsu-Kim [doi]

Functional repair of critically sized femoral defects treated with bioinspired titanium gyroid-sheet scaffolds

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials | Apr 2021

Authors include: Ken Gall [doi]

Molecular Characterization of Polymer Networks

Chemical Reviews | Apr 2021

Authors include: Stephen Craig and Michael Rubinstein [doi]

P-Type molecular doping by charge transfer in halide perovskite

Materials Advances | Mar 2021

Authors include: David Mitzi [doi]

Titrating Polyarginine into Nanofibers Enhances Cyclic-Dinucleotide Adjuvanticity in Vitro and after Sublingual Immunization

ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering | Mar 2021

Authors include: Joel Collier [doi]

Photonic bandgap engineering using second-order supersymmetry

Communications Physics | Mar 2021

Authors include: Natalia Litchinitser [doi]

Resolving the two-dimensional axial next-nearest-neighbor Ising model using transfer matrices

Physical Review B | Mar 2021

Authors include: Patrick Charbonneau [doi]