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Latest Publications

Check out the most recent published Duke materials science research.

Desiccation cracking of heterogeneous clayey soil: Experiments, modeling and simulations

Engineering Fracture Mechanics | Dec 2021

Authors include: Johann Guilleminot [doi]

Smartphone-based device for colorimetric detection of microRNA biomarkers using nanoparticle-based assay

Sensors | Dec 2021

Authors include: Tuan Vo-Dinh [doi]

Establishment of baseline cytology metrics in nestling American kestrels (Falco sparverius): Immunomodulatory effects of the flame retardant isopropylated triarylphosphate isomers

Environment International | Dec 2021

Authors include: Heather Stapleton [doi]

Stress propagation in locally loaded packings of disks and pentagons

Soft Matter | Nov 2021

Authors include: Joshua Socolar [doi]

Mechanism of Side Chain-Controlled Proton Conductivity in Bioinspired Peptidic Nanostructures

Journal of Physical Chemistry B | Nov 2021

Authors include: David Beratan [doi]

Transistors based on two-dimensional materials for future integrated circuits

Nature Electronics | Nov 2021

Authors include: Aaron Franklin [doi]

Multiterminal Inverse AC Josephson Effect

Nano Letters | Nov 2021

Authors include: Gleb Finkelstein [doi]

Dynamically Tunable Terahertz Emission Enabled by Anomalous Optical Phonon Responses in Lead Telluride

ACS Photonics | Nov 2021

Authors include: Olivier Delaire [doi]

Design approach for photonic quasicrystals to enable multiple nonlinear interactions

Optics Express | Nov 2021

Authors include: Natasha Litchinitser [doi]

Mapping active strain using terahertz metamaterial laminates

APL Photonics | Nov 2021

Authors include: Willie Padilla [doi]

Mitochondrial DNA Mutagenesis: Feature of and Biomarker for Environmental Exposures and Aging

Current Environmental Health Reports | Nov 2021

Authors include: Joel Meyer [doi]

Device Performance of Emerging Photovoltaic Materials (Version 2)

Advanced Energy Materials | Nov 2021

Authors include: David Mitzi [doi]

Low etanercept concentrations in children with obesity and juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics | Nov 2021

Authors include: Matthew L. Becker [doi]

Photoluminescence study of solution-deposited Cu2BaSnS4thin films

APL Materials | Nov 2021

Authors include: David Mitzi [doi]

Optoelectronic property comparison for isostructural Cu2BaGeSe4and Cu2BaSnS4solar absorbers

Journal of Materials Chemistry A | Nov 2021

Authors include: David Mitzi [doi]