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Establishment of baseline cytology metrics in nestling American kestrels (Falco sparverius): Immunomodulatory effects of the flame retardant isopropylated triarylphosphate isomers

Environment International | Dec 2021

Authors include: Heather Stapleton [doi]

Stable phase retrieval from locally stable and conditionally connected measurements

Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis | Nov 2021

Authors include: Jianfeng Lu [doi]

Characterizing azobenzene disperse dyes in commercial mixtures and children's polyester clothing

Environmental Pollution | Oct 2021

Authors include: Heather Stapleton and Lee Ferguson [doi]

Signatures of rare earth element distributions in fly ash derived from the combustion of Central Appalachian, Illinois, and Powder River basin coals

Fuel | Oct 2021

Authors include: Heileen Hsu-Kim [doi]

Energy transduction by reversible electron bifurcation

Current Opinion in Electrochemistry | Oct 2021

Authors include: David Beratan [doi]

Evaluation of private well contaminants in an underserved North Carolina community

Science of the Total Environment | Oct 2021

Authors include: Lee Ferguson [doi]

Density Functional Theory Study of Reaction Equilibria in Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange

ChemPhysChem | Sep 2021

Authors include: Volker Blum [doi]

Continuous assessment of landslides by measuring their basal temperature

Landslides | Sep 2021

Authors include: Manolis Veveakis [doi]

Point-of-care antimicrobial coating protects orthopaedic implants from bacterial challenge

Nature Communications | Sep 2021

Authors include: Tatiana Segura [doi]

Phase diagram of YbZnGaO4 in applied magnetic field

npj Quantum Materials | Sep 2021

Authors include: Sara Haravifard [doi]

Concentration-Independent Multivalent Targeting of Cancer Cells by Genetically Encoded Core-Crosslinked Elastin/Resilin-like Polypeptide Micelles

Biomacromolecules | Sep 2021

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti [doi]

Sensing beyond itself: Multi-functional use of ubiquitous signals towards wearable applications

Digital Signal Processing: A Review Journal | Sep 2021

Authors include: Xiaoyue Ni [doi]

Structure-property relationships in 3D-printed poly(l-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) degradable polymer

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials | Sep 2021

Authors include: Ken Gall [doi]

Acoustic Tweezer with Complex Boundary-Free Trapping and Transport Channel Controlled by Shadow Waveguides

Science Advances | Aug 2021

Authors include: Steven Cummer [doi]

Structural Descriptor for Enhanced Spin-Splitting in 2D Hybrid Perovskites

Nature Communications | Aug 2021

Authors include: Volker Blum and David Mitzi [doi]