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Latest Publications

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Extended anharmonic collapse of phonon dispersions in SnS and SnSe

Nature Communications | Dec 2020

Authors include: Olivier Delaire [doi]

Kidney developmental effects of metal-herbicide mixtures: Implications for chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology

Environment International | Nov 2020

Authors include: Lee Ferguson and Richard Di Giulio [doi]

Comparison of thermionic filament and carbon nanotube field emitter-based electron ionization sources in cycloidal coded aperture mass analyzers

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry | Nov 2020

Authors include: Jeffrey Glass [doi]

Abrupt degenerately-doped silicon nanowire tunnel junctions

Nanotechnology | Oct 2020

Authors include: Stephen W. Teitsworth [doi]

Young infants’ exposure to organophosphate esters: Breast milk as a potential source of exposure

Environment International | Oct 2020

Authors include: Heather Stapleton [doi]

Fisher information regularization schemes for Wasserstein gradient flows

Journal of Computational Physics | Sep 2020

Authors include: Jianfeng Lu [doi]

GPU acceleration of all-electron electronic structure theory using localized numeric atom-centered basis functions

Computer Physics Communications | Sep 2020

Authors include: Volker Blum [doi]

Universal free-energy landscape produces efficient and reversible electron bifurcation

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America | Sep 2020

Authors include: David Beratan [doi]

Filament conductivity enhancement through nonlinear beam interaction

Optics Express | Aug 2020

Authors include: Natalia Litchinitser [doi]

Injectable Biomaterials for Treatment of Glioblastoma

Advanced Materials Interfaces | Aug 2020

Authors include: Tatiana Segura [doi]

Investigating the effect of surface modification on the dispersion process of polymer nanocomposites

Nanocomposites | Aug 2020

Authors include: Cate Brinson [doi]

Effects of Tethered Polymers on Dynamics of Nanoparticles in Unentangled Polymer Melts

Macromolecules | Aug 2020

Authors include: Michael Rubinstein [doi]

Electronic structure and photophysics of a supermolecular iron complex having a long MLCT-state lifetime and panchromatic absorption

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America | Aug 2020

Authors include: Michael Therien and David Mitzi [doi]

Driving high quantum yield NIR emission through proquinoidal linkage motifs in conjugated supermolecular arrays

Chemical Science | Aug 2020

Authors include: Michael Therien [doi]

Introduction to Active Matter

Soft Matter | Aug 2020

Authors include: Christoph Schmidt [doi]