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Characterizing azobenzene disperse dyes in commercial mixtures and children's polyester clothing

Environmental Pollution | Oct 2021

Authors include: Heather Stapleton and Lee Ferguson [doi]

Signatures of rare earth element distributions in fly ash derived from the combustion of Central Appalachian, Illinois, and Powder River basin coals

Fuel | Oct 2021

Authors include: Heileen Hsu-Kim [doi]

Energy transduction by reversible electron bifurcation

Current Opinion in Electrochemistry | Oct 2021

Authors include: David Beratan [doi]

Sensing beyond itself: Multi-functional use of ubiquitous signals towards wearable applications

Digital Signal Processing: A Review Journal | Sep 2021

Authors include: Xiaoyue Ni [doi]

Early-life mitochondrial DNA damage results in lifelong deficits in energy production mediated by redox signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans

Redox Biology | Jul 2021

Authors include: Joel Meyer [doi]

The role of gut microbial community and metabolomic shifts in adaptive resistance of Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Science of the Total Environment | Jul 2021

Authors include: Richard Di Giulio and Claudia Gunsch [doi]

Stochastic modeling of geometrical uncertainties on complex domains, with application to additive manufacturing and brain interface geometries

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering | Jul 2021

Authors include: Johnann Guilleminot [doi]

Characterization and efficient Monte Carlo sampling of disordered microphases

Journal of Chemical Physics | Jun 2021

Authors include: Patrick Charbonneau [doi]

Multiplexed, quantitative serological profiling of COVID-19 from blood by a point-of-care test

Science Advances | Jun 2021

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti [doi]

Poly(lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) scaffold promotes equivalent tissue integration and supports skin grafts compared to a predicate collagen scaffold

Wound Repair and Regeneration | Jun 2021

Authors include: Ken Gall [doi]

Accurate frozen core approximation for all-electron density-functional theory

Journal of Chemical Physics | Jun 2021

Authors include: Volker Blum [doi]

VHF Radio Spectrum of a Positive Leader and Implications for Electric Fields

Geophysical Research Letters | Jun 2021

Authors include: Steven Cummer [doi]

Three dimensional acoustic tweezers with vortex streaming

Communications Physics | Jun 2021

Authors include: Steven Cummer [doi]

Genetically Encoded Elastin-Like Polypeptides for Drug Delivery

Advanced Healthcare Materials | Jun 2021

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti [doi]

Gallium Plasmonic Nanoantennas Unveiling Multiple Kinetics of Hydrogen Sensing, Storage, and Spillover

Advanced Materials | Jun 2021

Authors include: April Brown [doi]