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Condensed Matter Seminar feat. Divine Kumah "Atomic-scale control of emergent phases at complex oxide interfaces"

Feb 11

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Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 11:30am to 12:30pm


Divine Kumah (NC State University)

Complex oxides exhibit a wide range of exciting physical properties including high temperature superconductivity, metal-insulating transitions, and tunable magnetic and electronic phases. The ability to reduce the dimension of these systems in thin films allows for the stabilization of novel electronic and magnetic ground states. The manipulation of these emergent properties is of great interest due to potential applications ranging from spintronics and orbitronics to photonics. We demonstrate the engineering of orbital and spin degrees of freedom at the interfaces between atomically thin layers of rare-earth manganite and chromate films synthesized by molecular beam epitaxy and report dynamic tuning of magnetism in multiferroic PbZrTiO3/LaSrCrO3/LaSrMnO3 heterostructures via external electric fields. Additionally, we report the gate and temperature modulation of a high spin-to-charge conversion efficiency in the high mobility two-dimensional electron gas formed at the interface between the polar antiferromagnetic LaCrO3 and insulating SrTiO3. These results demonstrate the control of interactions at interfaces in quantum oxide heterostructures and illustrate pathways for harnessing their unique functional properties in next-generation devices for energy, computing and information technologies.