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Online - Keep Calm and Do Research: Q and A with Dr. Stefan Zauscher

Jun 30

This event has passed.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm


Dr. Stefan Zaucher, Moderated by Dr. Michelle M. Campbell

In this session, we will hear from one of the leading researchers at Duke, Dr. Stefan Zauscher, to learn about his research practices and tips. Dr. Zauscher has published over 177 articles in the top journals indexed in the Web of Science since 1996. Along the way, he has mentored and supervised many theses and dissertations over two decades at Duke. Please leave your questions for him in the comment box. We will pass them along to him before the workshop begins. * This is a free and open workshop, but pre-registration is required for Zoom access. We'll send out a Zoom link in the morning of the meeting. Stefan Zauscher, Ph.D., is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Chemistry at Duke University. He also serves as the Director of the Duke Materials Initiative, leading a collaborative community of innovative and transformative materials scientists and engineers in their interdisciplinary endeavors. His lab (Zauscher lab) research lies at the intersection of surface and colloid science, polymer materials engineering, and biointerface science. These broad inquiries deal with fundamental behaviors of soft-wet materials on surfaces and interfaces. Dr. Zauscher joined Duke University in 2000 upon receiving his Ph.D. in Materials Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.