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The Mysteries of Vibranium Lecture & Film Screening

Jun 18

This event has passed.

Saturday, June 18, 2022 - 2:00pm to 5:30pm

cover of comic book depicting Black Panther


Christine Payne, Professor Duke University

Join Durham County Library for a special presentation on the science behind Marvel Comics' Black Panther and the real-world basis of vibranium technology. The vibranium depicted in Black Panther is a fictional material, but it shares some properties with real materials. The uses of vibranium in comics and film give us some clues for what real metals, polymers, and ceramics were used for inspiration. We will discuss these materials with a focus on the connection between science and science fiction. Specific topics will include energy storage materials, levitating trains, and materials from meteorites. Following the presentation, there will be time for questions and a free screening of the Black Panther film. Dr. Christine Payne is the Yoh Family Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke University. She teaches a class on the "Materials Science of Science Fiction."